Vehicle Shipping | 3 Ways To Ship Your Vehicle

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Vehicle Shipping | 3 Ways To Ship Your Vehicle

Post  gaunpro on 22nd January 2011, 23:40

Considering to make a move to another state for work, family, or a new love?

Regardless of the reason, you might come to the realization that driving your car is not an option, neither is selling your car. The only choice left is to have it shipped!

Vehicle Shipping turn out to be an inevitability especially when one moves to a considerable distant location for sure. It is extremely unfeasible for a person to drive several miles and bring about wastage of money, material and time.

Shipping vehicles refers to the entire export shipping procedures, ie. from the time it is packed up to its point of deliverance.

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Vehicle Shipping Saving Tips:

Vehicle shipping is based mainly on three modes:

Containerized delivery: Most safest and cost-effective service available.
Roll on/Roll off method: Least preferred type of shipping where vehicles are transported in specialized carriages and driven inside the ship.
Air stowage: Highly expensive, provides fastest shipment time and most apt for critical situations.
One of the major questions that arise while you think about shipping your vehicle may be regarding the price of vehicle transport. The vehicle shipping client should know about the various charges included in the shipment so that the he may have a better evaluation of the vehicle transport quotescar shippers are suggested to insure the full value of their shipping, plus the price of cargo and about ten percent of freight and cost.

Marine cargo insurance offers coverage under all risks and total- lose -only packages for vehicle shipping.

All risks provides high deductability and coverage for all types of damages whereas total -lose-only as its name suggests, covers the load only in case of a complete loss such as freight disappearing over-broad or cargo confirmed as a full loss by the surveying agent and not in case of any partial damages.

The first thing that you should perform while thinking of vehicle shipping is, to get in touch with as many vehicle shipping companies as you can and inquire about various methods of transport available .

The shipper should be alert while selecting a suitable car shipping services for his vehicle as it must not only be reliable but also should cater his relevant needs. The experienced and alleged auto shipping companies assures your concerns about your vehicles.

After selecting appropriate shipping service, discuss regarding mode of transport, estimated time to reach the destination, and also regarding the insurance coverage for the vehicle which is a requirement under Federal rules.

As mentioned earlier several types of insurance packages are available in which the most perfect one should be selected.

Reputable companies will offer you written auto cost quotes itemizing the whole cost of shipment. But this may exclude the destination charges which you have to pay at the shipment. Thus, it is definitely your responsibility to demand for the estimate to be included in the original price quote, so that no additional payment is needed during the delivery of the vehicle.

In conclusion: shipping vehicle involves preparation of the vehicle and arranging for the right type of shipping service. Have a complete assessment of your vehicle before shipping and also after the delivery.

You must also consider all the necessary safety precautions. A full fuel reservoir is not usually allowed. The shipper should be present during uploading of the vehicle to ensure that it is ready for shipping.

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