Elton John magazine cover censored by store

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Elton John magazine cover censored by store

Post  trandidung on 28th January 2011, 23:53

An Arkansas grocery store put a protection shield in front of a magazine featuring Elton John and his family.

The latest Us Weekly magazine features a cover story about Elton, his husband David Furnish, and their new baby boy Zachary.

Ninemsn reports that in a Harps grocery store in Akansas the cover was hidden by a card which read 'Family Shield. To protect young Harps shoppers'.

A shopper photographed the display and posted it on twitter.

Shortly afterwards, the chain removed the 'family shield' and apologised on their website, the CEO of Harps writing 'sorry that these events caused misunderstandings'.

He claimed that the use of the censoring device was not a corporate decision but stemmed from an employee at the store, claiming 'Harps has never and would never discriminate.'

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