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Post  churchvl125 on 7th July 2011, 16:18

apanís cultural norms are providing some of the effective interventions needed following a disaster of this scale. In 2007, an international panel of experts developed a list of five conditions that need to be created in the early stages of mass trauma: 1. a sense of safety; 2. calm, 3. a sense of self and community efficacy; 4. connectedness; and 5. hope. Watching the videos of Japanese citizens in the aftermath of their calamity, one can observe many of these interventions already at work. The citizens of Japan have a benchmark for their conduct in the years to come. Ironically, the aging Japanese population may become a strength in the current crisis; the older citizens have the most experience in facing the challenges. Japan should emerge in a few years as a stronger and even more competitive world power.

China's premier again calls for political reform

By Keith B. Richburg, The Washington Post, 15 March 2011

Declaring reform "an eternal theme of history," Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Monday that his country needs to pursue "political restructuring" alongside economic growth to combat rising inequality and rampant corruption. Speaking to reporters at a news conference at the close of the annual session of China's nominal legislature, Wen dismissed the idea that the country's authoritarian system makes it susceptible to the kinds of popular unrest now roiling the Middle East and North Africa. "We have followed the situation" there, Wen said. "It is not right to draw an analogy between China and those countries." He said that after 30 years of China's pursuit of market-based economic policies, "the lives of Chinese people have been markedly improved."

But Wen, who has often been a lonely voice within the ruling Communist Party hierarchy advocating more openness, acknowledged that China has "weak economic foundations and uneven development." He said that too many Chinese lack equal access to quality education and health care and that many have not benefited from China's dynamic growth in the past three decades. The solution, he said, is political reform - but reform that is gradual and is led by the Communist Party. "It's by no means easy to pursue political restructuring in a country with 1.3 billion people," Wen said. "It needs to take place in an orderly way, under the leadership of the party. "Political restructuring and economic reform should be advanced in a coordinated way," Wen said. "Political restructuring offers a guarantee for our economic restructuring endeavors. Without political restructuring, the economic restructuring will not succeed, and the achievements we made in economic restructuring may be lost."
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