5 Car Relocation Facts To Understand - Avoid Unexpected Problems

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5 Car Relocation Facts To Understand - Avoid Unexpected Problems

Post  gaunpro on 22nd January 2011, 23:40

Many people move to different parts of the country through a job relocation, family issues, or temporary living in a second home. In many cases they also want to bring their car with them.

If a person doesnít want to drive his car to the new location, then a car moving company is a good way to transport the vehicle safely and reliably.

But to do so without a major hitch.

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Here Are 5 Car Relocation Facts To Understand

1. You as the consumer are totally responsible for preparing the car for shipment. This means that you need to be certain that the car is secured properly. Any loose parts or accessories must be secured and protected. There may also be some fragile parts which are left exposed and which may vibrate free or become damaged.

You should take your side mirrors and make certain they are protected and secure. Any antennas should also be removed
and left in the vehicle for safekeeping. Remember that any exposed parts or accessories can become damaged and the
company which moves the vehicles typically will not cover this type of damage.

2. You may expect it to take a fixed amount of time for your vehicle to be transported to its final destination. However for the most part, the car relocation companies typically write their contracts with clauses which allow them pretty broad flexibility in terms of the amount of time which will be required to transport the vehicles they have arranged with you.

The reason for this is because many auto transport carriers move a car and send it to be staged at one or more points during the trip. The moving companies always want their trucks to be filled to capacity at every stage of the journey. If the demand for relocation services along a certain route is pretty light, then the mover may keep your vehicle sitting at a particular location until there are enough other vehicles waiting to be transported along the same route.

In some cases a person may expect it to take 3 - 5 days to transport their car only to find out that it will actually take up to three weeks to do so because of delays at transfer points.

3. You cannot ship personal items inside of the vehicle you want to transport. You may thing you can stuff your vehicle with sheets, towels, comforters, and a variety of other household goods. However this is prohibited by law and no auto shipping companies will therefore allow it.

Donít delay the start of your carís move by having it filled with household goods and then having to spend an excessive amount of time removing them before the company will load your vehicle.

4. Covered versus uncovered. Some consumers think their vehicles will be transported inside of a protected tractor trailer rig. In reality most vehicle transports are open and may therefore be subjected to road dirt, debris, and weather.

If you are very concerned about your vehicle and want it protected, then make certain the contract with a company which will transport the vehicle inside a trailer. And make certain that if the car is staged at one or more locations, that it cannot be moved to an open transport for any part of the trip. Otherwise you will lose the full benefit and protection.

5. Make certain the check on the amount and type of insurance coverage which transport companies provide. You may be surprised to find that it is less than you would have expected. There are some companies which maintain the minimal amount of insurance and expect your own vehicle insurance to cover damage to the vehicle during its transport.

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