y i get kick out from thf

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y i get kick out from thf

Post  .ryu on 22nd December 2008, 21:35

my friend use my youtube acc. to insults others
n the dude complain to thf
n yeah
diorang kick aku
n i also show proof to thf that im not the one who insult that dude
n still diorang xterima

n yesterday when i lepak2 at sunway
some dude dtg n ckp 'kau ryu ke??kerek ah kau no wonder kau kene kick thf' (dengan tibe2 )
and i ask him sape bgtau hal nih
dia ckp ' budak2 thf ckp KAU kerek'
its not true =.="
to all thf members
i wanna clean my name here

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Post  ksubbanaidu on 15th April 2010, 16:16

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