Instinct from Austria...

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Instinct from Austria...

Post  Instinct on 15th February 2009, 18:13

Hi guys,
My name is Florian aka Instinct [AUT] I know there are already Instinct but I worked with him have denied myself everything gg or maybe it's a new name for me would be cool.
Now to my question your crew is simply the best and coolest crew what it is simply very good shuffler,
and therefore I wanted to ask if I was in Austria THF unstop also could
that would be to me a very great honor.
We would also Zussamen videos all together, and cut and stuff.

Hope you allow me,

p.s. perhaps it really would have a good name for me gg

Yours sincerely

Please write in English back


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Re: Instinct from Austria...

Post  crazyman2011 on 20th August 2011, 16:59

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